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My Maine Ride
170 Washington Street

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My Maine Ride sucks!!!! I was looking at a vehicle they had on their lot. I own the EXACT same vehicle and mine is in show room condition theirs was in piss poor condition. My truck Blue books for 5,200, I paid 12,990 Brand new for mine. They wanted 10,000 for theirs! How the hell can they charge almost new price for something that books for under 1,500?????

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What Should I Bring To The BHPH Dealership?

Any documents that show who the consumer is, what they do, where they live, and how they get paid is always nice to have if you are seriously considering buying a car. Some dealerships may require them and some won’t, but here is a short list of the documents a typical BHPH dealership requires:

Therefore, bring:

  • Current Pay Stubs
  • Utility Bill
  • Two pieces of mail
  • Driver’s License
  • Current Pay Stubs
  • Full Name
  • Drivers License Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Numbers - Home and Cell
  • E-mail Address
  • Current Home Address and Previous if less than Two Years
  • Multiple References
  • Residence History

This question was answered by Philip Nassoiy of Paul West Used Cars

Read our full interview with Philip

What Questions Should I Ask The BHPH Dealer?

Customers should ask about the vehicle’s current condition. What service or maintenance has the dealership performed to recondition the car? We perform a 52-point inspection on every vehicle. Also, customers should inquire about any used car warranty and roadside assistance programs. D1 includes a 90-Day Limited Warranty and 1-Year Roadside Assistance with every vehicle purchase. These customer protection programs are usually only available at new car lots.

    Other Questions To Ask
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are the vehicles state safety inspected?
  • Does your car dealership provide a rental car during servicing?
  • What happens if I default on a payment?
  • Do you provide a service contract?
  • Do you provide a warranty?
  • Do I own this car or am I leasing this car from your dealership?
  • If the loan agreement is paid off quicker, can I get a price discount?

The first part of this question was answered by Todd B President of Drive 1 Again Todd B

Read our full interview with Todd B

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