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Interview With Jake Parker of Best Auto Sales LLC

Please give my readers a history of Econo Auto Sales. How long has your car dealership been in business?

Best Auto Sales LLC has been in business since September 12, 2010. We finance every single deal in house and are a true BHPH operation. If people need financing on a car they can come to us and we will find a way to approve the deal. Being that we are the bank it is completely up to us to finance a car. That being said we will approve a car deal that other people and business just can’t and want do.

Does your dealership primarily sell domestic or foreign used cars. Or would you say it’s a mix of both?

We sell a mixture of both types of cars at our dealership. There are certain cars that we will not sell because they are not reliable or they just are not good cars but we definitely sell both classifications of cars.

If a person has bad credit how do you suggest they improve there credit? What advice would you want to give that person?

If a person has bad credit the first thing they should do is find out exactly what items are on there credit that need to be paid or taken care off. They should handle those items first. Once the current bad credit issues on your report are fixed then I would recommend trying to get a retail credit card at a store you know you are going to use often. When you go and buy your items at the store of your choice find out when your payment is due for the credit card and make sure you make the payment on time and do that every month and your credit will improve like that quicker than you think.

If a person has just declared bankruptcy and they want to buy a vehicle, what do you suggest they do?

Almost all dealerships will not sell a car to a person in a bankruptcy because it is not legal for there name to be on the paperwork. If you establish a good relationship with a BHPH dealer then it can be done. The car can be put in a family members name that is a very reliable person and the person in bankruptcy can actually pay for the car and drive the car. The name of the bankruptcy person can not sign any documents or have the car put in there name. Although I do not recommend this, there is a way to make this happen.

Should a consumer run their own credit report before they purchase a used car?

Yes. There are free credit reports all over and it would help the person to have an idea about there credit before they go in a dealership. It is not absolutely necessary to check your score before you buy a car but if you can get your score then it will help you know what your situation is before you go in to buy a car.

If your divorced and as a result of that divorce have bad credit, what tips would you offer the consumer on how to obtain a loan?

This is really going to depend on the car dealership you are dealing with. Places like us can and will approve people in a situation like this because we understand that this stuff happens. If you can’t get a car on your own then have someone cosign with you on the car loan and that will help your chances. If you look at the good dealerships then this will not be a problem. We have these customers all the time and treat them as good as a person who has never been through this hard time.

What questions should the consumer ask the BHPH dealer when they walk into the car dealership?

Ask them what there interest rate is and what type of warranty do they have on there cars. Make sure they are not talking about a warranty that you have to pay for additionally. The warranty should come with the car you are buying. So interest rates and warranty.

What are some common buy here pay here misconceptions the public should be aware of?

Some people think that all BHPH dealerships are trying to get over on people and take advantage of them, and sell all there cars as is with no warranty. That is very far from the truth. Every car that we sell is fully inspected and comes with a 3000 mile warranty. Even after that we will help our customer fix the problem through a number of different ways. ( install for free, pay half, add repair to the back end of there loan,etc. ). We also treat people very fare and give them a price and interest rate that is lower than the completion. We treat people great and will continue to do so.

Best Auto Sales

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This interview was conducted by Shane McC. Shane currently is attending RISD studying computer programming. He enjoys traveling and plays hockey. He played for the Boston Junior Bruins of the EJHL during the 01-02 season. You can follow him on Google+

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan Review

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

This is a review of the 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. These are great people movers and they are time tested for their durability and road worthiness. They have been around since 1984. The do have some rust issues on the lower quarters and wheel wells.

Pros:: Durable and functional people mover

Cons:: Rust issues in specific areas of wheel wells and lower quarters

2006 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Interview With J Wayne Of Visual Finance

Tell my audience about yourself. What made you want to start your website

I have been a licensed investment consultant for over 10 years. During that time, I’ve come across thousands of people who have made terrible investment and money management decisions. I started to provide some type of investment education using simple and easy to follow visuals.

Please name some quick and easy ways for a person to improve their credit even if they’ve recently been through a divorce or some type of financial calamity?

Fixed loans look much better on paper than revolving credit lines. If possible, get a personal loan to pay off high interest credit cards.

When a person walks into a car dealership what are some credit questions you recommend that consumer ask the salesman or finance manager?

I would also recommend that consumers secure a loan from a bank or credit union before shopping for a car. If your credit is bad and your only option is the dealership, you should save up a few thousand dollars and pay cash for a used vehicle.

How long does the credit restoration process take?

Late payments take at least three years to fall off of your credit report. More significant events like a bankruptcy take up to 7 years.

If a person can’t purchase a vehicle in cash, what’s the ideal down payment you recommend they have? Does a larger down payment mean a shorter loan and APR?

Generally, I would always put down at least 25%. The more you put down, the lower your APR will be and the lower you will pay each month. You can select to decrease your loan duration, but I wouldn’t. Rates are so low today, that I would extend that payment as long as possible.

In your a first time car buyer and you’ve never shopped for insurance before, what are some tips to get the lowest payment possible? What are some questions you should ask your insurance agent?

Look for the lowest rate online. Many insurers will compare their rates with others so you can easily determine which provider will be the cheapest.

Besides what are some of websites/blogs you would recommend our visitors visit while trying to improve their credit?

To monitor your credit for free, Credit Karma is great. The site provides access to your credit score and a driver score.

Visual Finance

This is our twenty-second interview in our “1000 Interview Challenge” If your interested in an interview, please contact me.

This interview was conducted by Shane McC. Shane currently is attending RISD studying computer programming. He enjoys traveling and plays hockey. He played for the Boston Junior Bruins of the EJHL during the 01-02 season. You can follow him on Google+